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Introducing the latest addition to our fleet of vehicles



Our newest addition to the fleet is the Koks EcoVac ADR vacuum unit. Built specifically to meet all current and proposed new Environmental and Health & Safety regulations. It is one of the highest specked ADR units in the country at present. The addition of this unit shows our commitment to our clients as we continue to strive for excellence but will settle for perfection!




  • Factory fitted chalwyn valve designed to prevent engine over speed and immediate engine shut down in the event of the air inlet infusing solvent vapours to the drive engine
  • EGCU or earth grounding control unit which guarantees constant earthing via visual control panel.
  • Nitrogen pressurizing line for the discharge of highly flammable liquids with 4 bar test and working pressure.
  • Emergency shut down remote reel – working distance of 100 metres.
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump with post scrubber chamber designed to minimize emission vapours via submersion process.
  • Spark arrestor on the vacuum exhaust with the full SIR kit as required by ADR regulations – IRL. Jan 2022 spec.
  • 2m top line vacuum pump exhaust safety stack designed to vent fumes further away from the drive engine.